1. The Yellow Brick Road (Problem)

This video is complete! Click our logo to learn about WHY, i.e. the market for this product. Why do people want/need this product? Wall St.’s Wicked Witch (www.) She didn’t really know magic, it was just smoke and mirrors. Learn how you’ve had the power within you all along, just as you are, to defeat her, and the yellow brick road was just a false promise that ended with a man hiding behind a curtain pulling strings. Fun reading links soon to come explaining the historical significance of the yellow brick road, and how it was literally an allegory for a failing financial system in the days of the depression. History repeats itself my friends! Use what you know to your benefit!

2. The Infrastructure (Solution)

This video is complete! Click our logo to learn exactly what the online infrastructure is that Signature 7 provides. Learn all about the industry’s move toward done-for-you systems, and how Sig 7 is WAY ahead of the game! You’re in the right place at the right time!
These software packages will be sold at https://quicklister.com/signature7 once we are out of launch phase. Please feel free to email us directly at admin@signature7.com with any questions as we gear up for this to become available for your purchase.

3. The Time Signature

Click on our eagle to watch this rough draft of our video currently in production, for opportunity seekers without their own product to sell. Tired of wasting your time with all the multi-level, and network marketing opportunities out there, whose growth is based solely on the fact that people can make money selling it, instead of based on how much value the company provides to consumers? Companies whose product doesn’t necessarily benefit the client, but whose product is just offered for the company to legally not be a ponzi, or pyramid scheme? If you like what you saw in video 2, we’ll give you an opportunity to sell this software with us. You may purchase a re-seller license, effectually giving you your very own software product to sell, and a very real opportunity for you to build a business of your own with a very, very real product that actually has value, and high demand for what it offers!
People want time back in their lives. People are sick of wasting time. In fact, so much time has been wasted on crappy so-called opportunities, most people now value their time much more than money itself! The solution to this problem is the same as above – infrastructure saves time my friend, not to mention that a real product, a real business, NEVER wastes time to begin with!

4. The Time to Sign

sig7logo Go through Signature 7′s live funnel, just like any other customer, and sign up. This will give you the opportunity to experience our cell phone capture technology that you will use with your clients, instead of auto-responder email. Feel free to cancel your auto-responder email service right now, and replace with this. At the very least, downgrade to something cheap: this will be your main client builder software now. You will be asked to enter your cell phone number, wait for a verification four digit pin to be texted to that phone, and then enter the verification pin where indicated. If you’d like to mute the video’s since you have heard the info already, and come back at the end, that’s fine. After verifying the pin, the end of the next video’s in the funnel give four digit pins to proceed forward through the funnel. Enjoy, and remember admin@signature7.com is here for you if you need.